Buy to Let

As the UK property market continues to expand the buy to let market has remained a favourable venture for those looking to invest in bricks and mortar.

Many Lenders have seen the potential within this market and have adapted their portfolios to include specific product ranges for buy to let mortgages. This has increased the competition between lenders causing the traditionally higher interest rates for these products to fall more inline with those of residential mortgages.

It is important to remember when purchasing a buy to let property that you have taken on extra responsibilities and costs as a landlord; it is worth making sure you are acutely aware of these before taking up any opportunities.

Buy to Let mortgages are generally not regulated; Wise Move Mortgages will undertake to provide you with the same level of expert care, making certain that you receive the best product for your borrowing needs.

Buy to Let Mortgages are generally not regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

We don’t normally charge a broker fee, however should a fee be charged it will typically be £295, payable on completion.  The precise amount will depend on your circumstances.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.