In addition to our residential mortgage expertise we are also able to refer you to a supplier experienced in arranging commercial mortgages. Wise Move Mortgages are very proud to offer their services in securing competitive commercial mortgages available from their panel of Lenders. They can help tailor the right loan to you.

Whether you are trying to raise capital for new business premises, purchase vehicles or stock, would like to expand your existing business or start new one,we will refer you to our preferred specialist who will endeavour to find the right product for the client.

We can offer competitive quotes in all your business insurance needs through Towergate. Our insurance specialisms include:

Business Assurance

We can provide your business with vital protection in the event of a key person and /or business owner dying or being diagnosed with a critical illness.* Business insurance is referred to a third party. Mark Morris T/A Wise Move Mortgages are not responsible for any advice received from the third party.

* Key Person - If a key person (any employee whose loss from the business due to critical illness or death will have a significant effect on the financial position of the business) dies, is diagnosed with a critical illness or is unable to work due to a sickness your business will have the protection in place to deal with the financial effects of losing them.

* Loan Protection – Covers you for loan amounts and pays a lump sum, allowing you to pay off loans in the event of a key person having an illness or dying.

* Ownership– Provides a lump sum to compensate the family of an owner in the event of death or critical illness for the loss of the share of the owner and enables the remaining owners to maintain ownership of the business.

All of the protection policies named above have benefits and drawbacks. Drawbacks can include exclusions and limits to the amount of cover. We will discuss these with you before we make a recommendation.

We are happy to discuss at length your insurance requirements and take the time to consider any employer's benefits which you may receive.

Commercial Mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority


Commercial Mortgages are referred to a 3rd party. Mark Morris t/a Wise Move Mortgages and First Complete Ltd are not responsible for any advice received from the 3rd party.